Alma Selection Distributors of Finest Quality Foods

Welcome to Alma Distribution, purveyor of the finest condiments.

We have selected a range of products that will give you a taste of the flavours and aromas that the world has to offer.

Vinegars made from the sweetest fruits, the freshest herbs and the finest spirits. Our mustards are varied, lively, spirited, mild or strong.

We also import oils and fine spices with subtle aromas and exotic flavours. Discover saffron, traditional artisan lemonades, natural salt flakes, pink peppercorns, vanilla, capers, chestnuts and a range of locally made condiments and tapenades.

The best of the world brought to your table.

Our Horizon Crystal Salt Flakes was awarded the Jaguar Award for Excellence by the Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine in 2001 and has been selected at SIAL in Paris as an Inovative Product in October 2002.

Horizon Crystal Salt Pearls have been elaborated to satisfy the demand for commercial, catering and industrial use. They contain no additives or chemicals, come in a handy 5 kg box and are enclosed in a resealable bag that guarantees purity and keeps out humidity.

By Circle workshop 2009